Houttuynia, chameleon

Houttuynia, chameleon

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Last name : Houttuynia cordata
Family : Saururaceae
Type : Perennial

: 20 to 80 cm
Exposure : Shade and partial shade
Ground : Fresh and humus

: Persistent
Flowering : July to August

Plantation of houttuynia, chameleon

Either way, fall or spring.
Choose a shaded or very slightly sunny location and preferably sheltered from the prevailing winds.

Multiplication by division of the strain in the fall or spring.

Size of the houttuynia, chameleon

Remove faded flowers as you go.

To know about the houttuynia, chameleon

If the houttuynia takes its name of "chameleon plant" from the different colors that its foliage can offer, the latter also gives off a very pleasant scent of orange and a lovely summer bloom.

This plant can be found in shaded beds and borders as well as in pots to adorn terraces and balconies.

Smart tip about houttuynia, chameleon

In the shade, houttuynia quickly becomes invasive and can therefore become an excellent ground cover.

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