Sowing: the different techniques

Who has never dreamed of seeing a plant grow in their garden, of admiring a small seed that transforms and develops into a real plant?

If there is a particular pleasure that every gardener can experience, it is that of sowing.

This cultivation method is far from difficult and will above all be the
most economical and most rewarding for all gardeners.

This is the most natural method of reproduction for a plant, but sowing requires some rules simple and effective to optimize plant growth in the best conditions!

The rules for sowing well

  • Have a quality soil: Choose a special sowing soil that will give you flexibility and lightness.
  • Choose the right time: Sowing is done mostly in early spring, but some plant species require sowing in the fall or late winter.

The different types of seedlings

Here is the method to use for each of them :

(click on the type of seedling desired)

  • Sowing in place : It is done in the ground when there is no longer any risk of frost, where the plant will then continue all its vegetation.
  • Sowing under shelter : It can be done at the end of winter, before spring arrives.
    It is sowing that is done outdoors, but in a glazed shelter to capture the sun's rays and improve the temperature.
  • Seedling in the nursery : It mainly concerns fragile plants that fear the cold.
    It is generally carried out in a greenhouse.
  • Seedling in terrine : This is the best way to proceed for sowing under cover or in a nursery.
    It is used for fine seeded seedlings.

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