Mediterranean plants in celebration at Domaine du Rayol

Mediterranean plants in celebration at Domaine du Rayol

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On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2012, direction the domain of Rayol, in the Var to attend a colorful plant festival full of exoticism. This "Land of nature and spirit" where Mediterranean plants reign supreme, becomes Gondwana's Garden of Wonders for a weekend. And for those who do not know Gondwana, it will be the opportunity to discover this super southern continent which brought together in prehistoric times what we now call South America, Africa, the 'India, Australia and New Zealand.

Thus, cacti and succulents will rub shoulders during these two days with aquatic plants, palm trees, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and of course Mediterranean shrubs and perennials. Many specialized nurserymen, renowned gardeners and landscapers such as Gilles Clément or Marie-Claude Paume will be present and will deliver their tips and advice during this event to take good care of these plants, whether they are atypical or not.

This edition will also highlight wild and edible plants. Between those that can be tasted, those that are used for various purposes, and all the useful but often unrecognized "weeds", the Domaine du Rayol offers visitors to help them identify them but also to use them on a daily basis. Thus, everyone will leave knowing, for example, how to pick wild arugula wherever it grows in the Mediterranean by bringing it to the lips to check the pepper or even venture, like naturalists, in the heart of this nature and do your shopping. by picking up leaves or fruits that are offered to everyone during an excursion.

Obviously, this event will be punctuated by multiple animations: conferences around the uses of plants, meetings with nurserymen and gardeners, workshops for adults and children in basketry, making lollipops from edible wild plants or bird nesting boxes, signature meetings at the Gardeners Library, menu "natural" flavors prepared by the new Chef of the Café des Jardiniers ...

Finally, take advantage of storytelling walks and guided tours of the gardens from the estate to discover or rediscover this surprising sanctuary, owned by the Coastal Conservatory, which will take you from New Zealand to the California desert, passing through South Africa, the Canary Islands and Chile. So, follow the guide for this totally exotic trip!


"Gondawana", the festival of Mediterranean plants

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2012

Open: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Price: € 6 / Under 12s: free.


The Mediterranean Garden

Avenue of the Belgians

83820 Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer (between Le Lavandou and St-Tropez)

Phone. : 04 98 04 44 00


Laetitia Devillars

Photo credit: Domaine du Rayol

October 2012

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