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Last name : Ricinus communis
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Type: Annual shrub

Height: 2 to 4 m
Exhibition: Sunny
Weather : Hot
Ground : Rich enough

Foliage: Lapsed
Fruiting: Summer

Castor planting

In spring, in a soil preferably mixed with potting soil and ideally with an organic amendment such as manure and algae.

If you are sowing castor seeds, prefer a seedlings in the nursery in March with planting in the ground in May after any risk of temperature relapse.

Castor size

No pruning is necessary, especially as this shrub lasts only a year.

Castor comments

Original by its flowers in thorny balls, the castor bean also has the distinction of being cultivated as an annual.
Relatively easy to maintain and very quick to grow, it is nonetheless very fragile when the temperature is low.
So install it out of the wind and in a sunny spot.

Smart tip about castor bean

It is recommended to soak castor seeds for 24 hours in water before sowing them.

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