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Strawberry layering: multiplication technique

Strawberry layering: multiplication technique

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Fall is a great time to plant your strawberries, but also to lay them.

Layering is a quick and easy method to revitalize your strawberries while multiplying them.

Ideal period:

  • fall

Necessary material :

  • 1 pot or 1 scoop
  • Potting soil
  • 1 or 2 small iron hoop (s)

Layering of strawberries, technique and period

If after a few years you notice that the strawberry crop is getting smaller and smaller, now is a good time to think about layering them.

This relatively simple technique allows old plants to be replaced by young strawberries that are much more vigorous and productive at a lower cost.

As the picture shows,

  1. Choose a stolon with 1 or more knots.
  2. Find the strongest knot.
  3. Place the knot on the bucket filled with soil without burying it completely (only the base must be in close contact with the soil)
  4. Keep the knot in contact with the soil using a small iron hoop that you will plant in the bucket.
  5. Cut the side of the stolon that is no longer in contact with the mother plant.
  6. Water when the soil is dry to keep it slightly moist.
  7. Once well rooted, you can separate the new plant from the mother plant.
  8. Planting in the ground will take place the following spring.

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