Resin garden furniture: the trend

Resin garden furniture: the trend

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The garden furniture has become a practical and decorative element of terraces and gardens.

Thanks to the garden furniture, this space becomes a real room in the house.

If the materials have evolved from the tables and chairs of our grandparents, one of them has become essential, and it is resin.

The resin garden furniture is indeed a very interesting material, both for:

  • her beauty
  • its robustness
  • the low maintenance it requires

The resin garden furniture

Like all garden furniture, its primary use is to serve as place of relaxation in the garden or on the terrace.

The concept is quite recent since today the garden becomes a full room in the house. We like to decorate and embellish it so that it feels good.

After outdoor furniture made of iron, plastic or wood, the resin has become essential because it offers many advantages


  • Very robust against bad weather, in summer and winter
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Almost no maintenance if it is not a good cleaning from time to time
  • Affordable cost to purchase
  • An unlimited choice of colors and shapes

This is how the resin garden furniture has found its place in recent years and it now sits in many gardens.

Smart tip about resin

Note that the direct contact with resin, especially when braided, is not always pleasant and it is therefore preferable to choose a model with cushion during the purchase.

Maintenance of resin garden furniture

If he's almost inexistant, we can nevertheless provide some practical advice.

  • When cleaning, avoid using abrasive products or containing bleach
  • Use a non-abrasive sponge so as not to scratch the resin
  • Products specially designed for resin are very suitable
  • Thehot water with soap is a great cleaning solution

Resin garden furniture in winter

The great advantage of the resin garden furniture is of course its robustness, even in winter.

If you cannot bring in your garden furniture in winter:

Once the fabric cushions are removed, you can leave your furniture outside.

You understood it, besides its aesthetic features, the resin garden furniture is an ideal solution to buy a garden furniture inexpensive and durable !

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