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Lonicera purpusii: winter honeysuckle

Lonicera purpusii: winter honeysuckle

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Lonicera purpusii is a winter honeysuckle that offers a delicious and fragrant winter bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lonicera purpusii
: Caprifoliaceae
: Shrub

Height : 2 to 3 m
: Sunny
: Ordinary

: Obsolete or persistent -Flowering : Winter

The care of this shrub is easy and the foliage, like the bloom, is very decorative.

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Planting Lonicera purpusii, the winter honeysuckle

Lonicera purpusii is planted at autumn but can also be planted upin spring. Outside of these 2 periods, avoid frost or extreme heat.

  • It needs well-drained soil so avoid standing water
  • The soil should stay cool, even in summer

As for the location, prefer a sunny exposure

  • A partially shaded situation is quite suitable

Pruning and caring for Lonicera purpusii, the winter honeysuckle

No pruning is really necessary, yourLonicera purpusii may never be pruned.

  • If you want to reshape your honeysuckle or rebalance its branches, wait until flowering is over.

When your honeysuckle begins to recede, it is also possible to make a severe drawdown, it will start again

  • Severe pruning, if it occurs, is done in late winter, after flowering

To know about Lonicera purpusii

Lonicera purpusii is a bushy shrub that offers a delicately scented bloom in winter.

Between December and March, depending on the climate and the region, it offers small discreet creamy white flowers with a powerful scent of jasmine.

This shrub indeed gives White flowers which decorate our gardens in winter, whether in the ground or in pots.

The foliage is evergreen but can be semi-evergreen depending on the climate, so don't be surprised if it loses its leaves.

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