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Pieris of the 4 seasons

Pieris of the 4 seasons

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The piéris come in a wide variety and put on a show all year round in the garden.

Both by their evergreen foliage, rich in colors, varying with the seasons, and by their spectacular and generous panicles of flowers.

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Pieris: a very attractive shrub

The flowers of piéris, white, pink or red clusters, more or less fragrant, like so many small bells suspended from slender stems, announce spring. They bloom from March and flowering can continue until April or May.

From spring, young shoots also emerge which, depending on the variety, come in shades of yellow, shrimp pink, coral orange, ocher, red-brown, mahogany red, bright red, mat green, always with a tender and good appearance. lustrous, contrasting with the crisp green of the older foliage.

Gradually the colors evolve to go from sea green to a more or less dark green, more or less variegated.

In autumn, the plant retains its appeal thanks to the colorful buds that begin to emerge.

The genus includes a dozen species, of which two are commonly cultivated: Pieris formosa and pieris japonica. The first can reach 4 to 5 meters in height. The second, a very bushy shrub, does not exceed 1.50 meters after 10 years of planting.

Good care of Pieris

Plant your piéris in the fall or in March-April in heather soil or in cool, non-calcareous soil. Choose a lightly shaded situation.

  • Pieris need sunlight, but they love light shade in the hottest hours of the day.
  • The ideal is to plant it in the vicinity of a deciduous tree in a sheltered situation.

In the ground, the piéris tolerates -15 ° C without problem, provided it is not exposed to cold drafts and is in well-drained soil.

In a container, protect the container with several layers of wintering veil, in the wrong season, to avoid freezing the roots.

Spring frosts can damage young, colorful shoots. In this case, wait for the vegetation to start again to cut off the damaged ends.

On the maintenance side, just be careful to avoid invasion by weeds (especially bindweed) and remove faded flowers in late spring.

  • Avoid turning over the soil at the foot of the Pieris, their very shallow roots could be damaged.
  • Finally, as the heather earth tends to settle and wear out over the years, re-surfacing with new substrate every three years or so.

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