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Mignardise carnation: easy and decorative

The mignardise carnation is appreciated for its flowers and its delicate foliage, thin and slightly bluish.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Dianthus plumarius
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Type : Perennial

: 50 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Well-drained, ordinary

Sowing: March to June -Flowering : May to September

It is a very beautiful perennial that flowers profusely all summer.

Planting carnation mignardise

Sow the sweet carnation well:

Mignardise carnation can be sown as early as February, or even earlier in southern regions.

  • You can proceed to a sowing under shelter from February
  • Cover the seeds very lightly with potting soil
  • Lifting takes place after 1 to 2 week (s)
  • Transplant your carnations mignardise once in a cup before putting in place in May-June, after any risk of frost
  • You can sow directly in place from April-May if the climate in your region allows it (no risk of frost)

Note that the mignardise carnation appreciates hot and sunny situations to flower well.

Plant the carnation mignardise:

For your sweet carnations bought in pots, plant them in spring and summer in light soil.

  • To lighten the soil you can add river sand
  • Water after planting to promote rooting
  • Add fertilizer every year to give your carnations a boost

Caring for the mignardise carnation

The cuteness carnation requires relatively little maintenance, but a few simple steps will help you improve and prolong flowering.

After the first summer bloom, cut back the clumps by a few inches with a small shears. This gesture will allow your cuteness carnations to densify for a new flowering.

  • Watering is often superfluous as sweet carnations are drought resistant
  • But if the leaves are starting to sag, it is still asking for a little water, especially in pots, tubs and planters.
  • Carnation is sensitive to rust

To know about the mignardise carnation

Here is a perennial among theeyelets but also a true flower of arid earth which blooms and perfumes the most difficult places to cultivate.

Indeed, unlike theChabaud carnation, theChinese carnation or againpoets carnation which are annuals, carnation mignardise is perennial.

The mignardise carnation is appreciated for its naturally fragrant flowers, many colors, ranging from white to red through purple or even yellow.

It forms single or double flowers depending on the variety and its flowering is from May to October.

Today is one of theeyelets the most famous but also the most appreciated for its flowers, as fragrant as they are colorful.

Smart tip about mignardise carnations

The cute carnation flowers can also be broadcast in the spring, for a colorful blooming until fall.

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