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Himalayan balsam: care tips

Himalayan balsam: care tips

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Himalayan balsam is a pretty flower that blooms in spring and summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Impatiens balsamina
Family : Balsaminaceae
Type : Perennial or annual

: 20 to 80 cm
Exposure : Partial shade and shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : May to September

The maintenance is very easy and the flowering is generous, follow our advice for having pretty impatient flowers.

Planting balsam impatiens

Planting impatience bought in a bucket is done in spring.

  • Prefer theshade or partial shade
  • Then mix your soil with flowering plants potting soil
  • Water generously for abundant flowering
  • For the balsam bought as seed, you can perform a sowing in place from April

Be careful, Himalayan balsam is known to be invasive and must be contained as it threatens other plants that grow around it.

Growing in containers can be a good way to limit its invasiveness.

Maintenance, balsam pruning

No pruning is necessary.
You can remove wilted flowers as you go to encourage new blooms to appear.

Good to know about the Himalayan impatiens

Both decorative and bursting with color, these perennials or annuals flower remarkably in flower beds and planters. Maintenance is easy and grows fast.

Do not be surprised if your impatience does not do not grow back from one year to the next because they fear the cold. They will spend the winter only where the climate is mild.

You can nevertheless grow in pot to bring them inside your home during the colder months.

If holes appear on the foliage, beware of slugs because they are fond of impatiens and must be treated quickly.

Smart tip about balsam

During flowering, do not hesitate to water regularly but not excessively to maintain a good level of humidity.

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