The Australian Shepherd has ... almost everything to please

The Australian Shepherd has ... almost everything to please

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The Australian Shepherd has ... almost everything to please

12,906 Australian shepherds were registered in the Book of French Origins (LOF) in 2018, making it the favorite breed of the French. Yes but why ?

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Australian Shepherd, a breed with a misleading name

Between the Australian Shepherd and the island continent, the relationship is only indirect. It was in the Basque Country that this breed, also known as the "australian shepperd" or "aussie", got its start. His role was to lead the flocks of sheep. When Basque pastoralists emigrate to Australia, their dogs accompany them.

At the start of the 20th century, a new migration took them to the southern United States. There, their talents as herdsmen were all the rage on the ranches. This is when the confusion over their name occurs. The first French farms of Australian shepherds were created in the 1980s. In 2007, the breed standard was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

A dog with many talents

Toughness, endurance, intelligence, curiosity, sociability… The list of qualities attributed to Australian Shepherds is impressive. This probably explains the overwhelming success of the breed in France.

The Central Canine Society listed 130 individuals in 1997 compared to no less than 100,000 today. Aussie is particularly popular with families because it is known to be easy to train and playful. Protective with children but not aggressive for a penny, he can be fearful in front of a stranger.

Adept at intensive activity and dog sports

If there is one thing the Australian Shepherd likes little, it is solitary idleness. His daily life must be punctuated by moments with his owners and physical activities.

Very affectionate, he does not support long absences. His happiness is in the countryside rather than in the city. One to two hours a day should also be allowed to exercise. Cani-cross, agility, flyball… he will enjoy practicing all types of dog sports.

Two shepherd dogs in the leading trio

No, this is not the German Shepherd. Number one for 70 years, the breed only reached fifth place in the 2018 prize list of the French Book of Origins (LOF) established by the Société centrale canine.

She is preceded by the Australian Shepherd followed by the surprising Staffordshire Bull terrier, better known as the "staffie", in second position. The Belgian Shepherd completes the podium.


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