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Carnation Chabaud: the florists' carnation

Carnation Chabaud: the florists' carnation

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The Chabaud carnation, also known as the florists' carnation or common carnation.

It is a very beautiful annual flower that blooms profusely throughout the summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Dianthus caryophyllus
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Type : Annual

: 50 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Well-drained, ordinary

Sowing: February to June
: June to October-November (depending on the region)

Planting, sowing Chabaud carnation

Sow the chabaud carnation well:

The chabaud carnation can be sown as early as February, or even slightly for southern regions.

It adapts to most soils and appreciates a sunny exposure.

  • You can proceed to a sowing under shelter from February
  • Do not cover seeds that need light to germinate
  • Germination takes place at 18-20 °
  • Lifting takes place after 1 to 2 week (s)
  • Transplant your scallop eyelets once in a bucket before putting in place in May, after any risk of frost
  • You can sow directly in place from April-May if the climate in your region allows it

Summer sowing of Chabaud carnation:

It is also possible to sow the Chabaud carnation in summer for planting the following spring and thus benefit from early flowering.

  • Sowing takes place in August and September, in the nursery
  • Follow the same seed sowing technique described above
  • Wintering under shelter
  • Set up in spring, around March or April depending on the region

Note that Chabaut carnation prefers sunny situations to flower well.

Caring for the Chabaud eyelet

Chabaud carnation requires very little maintenance but a few steps will help you improve and prolong flowering.

  • Cut the faded flowers as they go, this stimulates the appearance of new flowers
  • Water only in prolonged drought

Note that if your Chabaud carnations are planted in a planter and you have a cold greenhouse, bring them in before the first frosts and they will bloom during the winter.

This is also often the case in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

To know about the Chabaud eyelet

The Chabaud carnation is appreciated for its great power floriferous, his fragrant flowers and his many colors, ranging from white to red through purple or even yellow.

Annual plant like theChinese carnation or thepoets carnation, it is part of the big family of carnations.

It is often found in florists (hence its name florists carnation) because its stiff and strong stems allow a very good hold in the bouquet.

But we find it above all in our gardens, flower beds, tubs and planters, because he is very decorative and offers a wide range of colors.

Smart tip about Chabaut carnations

Scallop carnation flowers can also be broadcast in the spring, for a colorful blooming until fall.

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