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Chinese viburnum, spring snow

Chinese viburnum, spring snow

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Breathtaking flowering, beautiful foliage, decorative fruits… Birds and insects adore the Chinese viburnum. And we understand them!

Just as much as their breathtaking bloom, it is also the silhouette of viburnum plicatum which makes all the splendor of it. The tiered branches make up an architecture that is rare in the plant world and most recognizable. This remarkable allure is further accentuated at the time of flowering by the large, flat umbels or rounded corymbs which then bloom. We then dream of Japanese gardens and their cloud-cut trees.

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Chinese viburnum, the keys to success

Due to the finesse of their root system, Chinese viburnum cannot stand extreme drought or soggy land. A rich, supple, deep, humus-bearing and rather acidic soil gives the best results. So prepare the ground very carefully when planting by not skimping on the contributions of organic matter. This is where the secret to success lies.

The planting is done in autumn or early spring, preferably with a subject grown in a container and whose height is between 40 cm and 1 meter. The Chinese viburnum appreciates subdued light, a soil that stays cool in summer. The presence of a tree with small leaves to provide it with light shade is therefore recommended. In regions where the sky is often cloudy, planting in an open area is possible. Strong direct sun is not tolerated at all. When it comes to climate, sea areas with moderate temperatures all year round are the best. In case of strong heat, water copiously in the evening and shower the foliage.

The size is unnecessary, the growth being homogeneous and regular. Be content with remove dead wood at the end of summer. You can possibly shorten the branches after flowering in small gardens or in plants grown in containers.

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