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Adopt an apple tree

Adopt an apple tree

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Want to discover the pleasure of biting into an apple from your garden? Plant a trained apple tree, you will benefit from it next fall.

Beautiful flowering in spring, fruit in the beginning of the school year, pretty colors in autumn: the apple tree is as decorative as it is useful. It therefore has its place in the ornamental garden, adapting even to the little ones by standing against a wall or, in the mini version, in a pot.

Choosing an apple tree trained 3 to 5 years by a professional is worth the investment: it will allow you to obtain a harvest very quickly - from the year following the planting - and to facilitate the pruning, the frame of the tree being already built.

Plant a self-fertile species if space is limited; If you have room, don't hesitate to invest in two apple trees of different varieties but blooming at the same time, in order to promote cross-pollination.

Apple tree planting and care

The apple tree appreciates deep, well-drained soilss. Install your tree november to march in a hole two to three times larger than the volume of the roots.

  • Bring some compost ripe or decomposed manure, top it up, respecting the layers of soil and make a watering basin.
  • Water generously the first two years and mulch.
  • Be aware that some nurserymen can take care of the planting.

Pruning eliminates dead wood and balances the silhouette at the end of winter. A treatment Bordeaux mixture is recommended after leaf fall or the appearance of buds to reduce the risk of disease. Finally, do not hesitate to eliminate a few bunches of flowers in the spring to promote the growth of other fruits.

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Apple tree varieties

The best way to choose your apple tree is to test its fruit in an orchard. From easiest and most productive species, we find Belle de Boskoop, who likes humid climates; Cox’s Orange and Golden Delicious, which go well everywhere; Granny Smith, who offers tangy apples; Reine des Reinettes, whose fruits keep for a long time ...

Ask your nurseryman for advice, he will be able to advise you on the variety best suited to your garden.

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