Peach and nectarine: summer freshness

Peach and nectarine: summer freshness

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The summer period announces the return of lightness and freshness on the tables. Peaches and nectarines can be enjoyed in the shade of the parasols.

Peach and nectarine in brief:

French production (1): 289,000 tonnes (2008-2012 average)
Production basins : Languedoc-Roussillon, PACA, Rhône-Alpes
Availability : from June to September
Full season : from July to August
Average price in 2013(2): € 2.56 / kg
Consumption at home in 2013(2): 6.6 kg per household
Nutrition(3): 100 g of peach-nectarine represent 54.2 kcal

Peach and nectarine on the cultivation side

Peaches and nectarines are delicate fruits that require a great deal of care from planting the tree to harvesting the fruit.

A to fish usually planted in the fall. It takes 7 years before it gives its first fruits. Flowering, on the other hand, occurs between late winter and early spring. Peach trees are self-fertile, so they do not require pollination to fruit.

The peach tree therefore thrives in a mild climate but can withstand very low temperatures, except during flowering when it cannot tolerate spring frosts.

The lifespan of a peach tree varies from 15 to 20 years, but a tree produces fruit only 10 days a year. To compensate for the brevity of this production period and to offer fruits throughout the summer period, it is common to see growing in
an orchard with several varieties with staggered fruiting periods.

The nectarines and nectar are two varieties of peach that are distinguished by their smooth and shiny skin. You can tell them apart in the kernel: the nectarine kernel sticks to the pulp while the nectarine kernel is easily detached from the flesh.

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Peach and nectarine, a bit of history

Five hundred years before our era, fishing was already present in southern China. She took the Silk Road to cross the Asian continent and reach the Middle East, Persia and finally Egypt. It ended up crossing paths with Alexander the Great who brought it back with him to Europe where it has been cultivated since the Middle Ages.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, France becomes the center of this culture with over thirty varieties cultivated in the gardens of Louis XIV including "Belle de Chevreuse", "Belle de Vitry", or even "Téton de Vénus"!

At that time, peach trees were cultivated in espaliers supported by white walls which reflected the heat of the sun.

Nectarine, for its part, appears in the 16th century French texts of a peach without down.

Peach and nectarine on the kitchen side

Purchase of peaches and nectarines:

Peaches and nectarines must be chosen at the point because they do not ripen after picking. The fruit should be supple, the skin free of blemishes or bruises, and exhale a fragrant odor.

Prefer fruits packaged in crates with cells: they are thus better protected from shocks.

Preservation of peaches and nectarines:

Peaches and nectarines can be stored in a cool place other than the refrigerator which destroys the flavors and makes the flesh of the fruit floury.

Ideally, the fruits can be laid out flat in a fruit bowl and eaten within 2 days.

Preparation of peaches and nectarines:

Peaches and nectarines can be enjoyed in all sauces. Plain, bite into and savor them to the fullest.

In salads, they go well with other summer fruits. Cooked, they give a gourmet touch to pies, charlottes, puff pastry and crumbles.

Pan-fried or poached, they go perfectly with dishes based on duck, veal liver or crab.

Processed into marmalade, jams or coulis, peaches and nectarines can be enjoyed all year round.

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Sources: (1) Agreste - (2) Kantar Worldpanel 2013 - (3) Ciqual 2013

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