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Jacaranda: the flamboyant blue

Jacaranda: the flamboyant blue

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The jacaranda, sometimes called Flamboyant bleu for its superb blue bloom, is very ornamental.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Jacaranda mimosifolia
Family : Bignoniaceae
Type : Tree

: 10 to 20 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : May to July

It also has a very beautiful deciduous foliage and is quite resistant to the temperatures of our climates.

Jacaranda plantation

If your climate allows outdoor cultivation, jacaranda can be planted either in fall or spring.

Jacaranda is not frost resistant even though it can tolerate unsustainable negative temperatures of around -5 °.

Choose a sunny location that is rather sheltered from the prevailing winds if they are strong.

  • Follow our advice tree planting.

Pruning and caring for the jacaranda

No pruning is necessary.

Too frequent pruning is harmful for flowering.

Beware of temperature variations

If you fear heavy frosts in winter, grow the jacaranda in a pot and bring it in a cool and bright place but sheltered from frost in winter.

An unheated greenhouse is ideal for potted jacaranda in winter.

To know about the jacaranda

The jacaranda is a very beautiful tree native to tropical Latin America and Madagascar, particularly appreciated for the magnificent purple bloom that it offers during the summer.

It can be grown in areas where the climate is less mild than in its natural environment, but its size will not be as large and the flowering will be shorter.

The flowers, characterized by their mauve blue color, appear in late spring and fall in summer to form a very pretty colorful carpet.

Its wood is well known to cabinet makers under the name of "rosewood"

Smart tip about jacaranda

No need to plant the jacaranda if it freezes heavily in your area, as it has poor resistance to persistently negative temperatures.

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