Slate mulch: it enhances the beds

Slate mulch: it enhances the beds

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Slate mulch will create beautiful contrasts with your plants. Breton atmosphere or immediate Japanese charm, it is used more and more for its decorative qualities and its well-covering flat shape.

Naturally ferrous, its color is gray and sometimes amber which gives it an even more raw and natural appearance.

This slate mulch ideal for acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas, the rhododendrons where the camellias. Durable over time, it is easy to install.

Advantage of slate mulch

Slate mulch has many advantages, both decorative and useful.

  • Prevents weed emergence
  • Reduces the frequency of watering
  • Very long lasting
  • Covering and unalterable
  • Wind resistant

Smart tip

If you want to encourage your hydrangeas to bloom in a pretty bluish color, mulch the base of the plant with slate.

A natural effect due to the release of alumina from the slate.

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